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9/19/18 – Dwayne Ballen, Sports Broadcaster and Author

Our guest speaker for this meeting will be Dwayne Ballen, an award-winning television journalist with more than twenty years of television industry experience. His broadcast resume includes CBS Sports, The ESPN networks, The Golf Channel, Fox Sports, USA Network, and TNT’s NBA Playoffs coverage. He has been a contributor to NPR and the Fox News Channel.

Ballen is also the author of the recently published book, “Journey With Julian”, about his family’s life with his eldest son (Julian) who has autism. Told from the rarely heard father’s perspective, “Journey With Julian” has received praise since its release. A review in the New York Journal of Books says the book will “enlighten and educate” the reader as it “conveys the importance of family, the necessity of acceptance, and the pure joy of unconditional love.”

Ballen, is an award winning television sports journalist and has been recognized for his outstanding skills as an interviewer and anchor. He is host of the upcoming talkshow “Sportsthought” which focuses on the more substantive issues that revolve around sports. Ballen dedicates a good deal of his time to raising awareness about autism. He’s delivered keynote addresses to the Autism Society of America’s annual conference, Clay Aiken’s National Inclusion Project tenth year celebration and the CDC’s national autism awareness day. He travels the country speaking about autism and his family’s experience. He and his son appeared on a special episode of the Katie Couric show, which dealt with autism.


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10/3/18 – Mike Krzyzewski, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Duke University
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11/7/18 – Special Guest Speaker


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