Thursday, June 4 2020

8-31-19, Jim Steeg, Former NFL Special Events Executive

The guest speaker for our next meeting will be Jim Steeg, former Senior Vice President, Special Events for the NFL. Steeg served the NFL for 35 years and was primarily responsible for controlling all aspects involved with the presentation and implementation of the Super Bowl for 26 years, growing revenues from $5 to $250 million and creating the second largest revenue source for the NFL. He had direct oversight of a departmental budget of $135 million, the largest departmental budget in NFL at the time. He provided organization skills to coordinate the oversight of 1,000’s of workers, contractors and organizations and developed innovative and creative concepts and activities that had never been utilized previously in a context of professional sports or special events.

Some of Steeg’s areas of responsibility included: ticket design, allocation and distribution; procurement of goods and services; staffing; management of hotel accommodations for Super Bowl teams’, media, NFL clubs, staff and affiliated groups (more than 16,000 rooms annually); media and party arrangements; stadium and game-day field preparations; stadium improvements, construction and décor; practice site preparations; selection of exclusive novelty vendor for the stadium, hotels and public venues and much more.

After leaving the NFL in 2005, Steeg has served as Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer of the San Diego Chargers for over 6 years. He now owns Steeg Sports Management and Media Consulting, advising companies on a variety of subjects including, but not limited to: stadium operations, fan enhancement, stadium physical structure; organizational structure; marketing programs for sports organizations; event plans; security; & explored varied entrepreneurial endeavors. Among his many endeavors, Steeg has worked with the NHL on organizing & planning outdoor games in LA & Chicago, Served as Director of the PAC 12 inaugural Football Championship Game, and has worked with UCLA, Qualcomm, STATS, LLC, SMRI, Helms Briscoe, The Buckeye Store, the Rose Bowl, Balboa Park 100th anniversary, Cleatskins, PrepAthlete, Frosty Towel, Elite Show Services, Multi Ventures Protection, & helped formulate Community Force


Mark Your Calendar

8/7/19 – NO MEETING!!
8/21/19 – Rasheed Wallace, Boys Basketball Coach, Jordan High School
9/4/19 – Special Guest Speaker (and regular 1st and 3rd Wednesday meetings for the rest of the year)

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