Tuesday, October 4 2022

Scholar-Athlete Awards Night

The Durham Sports Club Scholar-Athlete Awards Night was established to honor the top scholar-athletes in Durham’s high schools. The Athletic Director of each public and private high school nominates one senior male and one senior female for these awards.

All of the nominees, along with their parents, Athletic Director and Principal, were honored at a dinner banquet on June 1st, 2022 at Croasdaile Country Club. At that time, the Club presented each school’s Athletic Director with a donation for their athletic departments, and the scholarship recipients were named.  This year, the scholarships, totaling $27,000, were adjusted so that every nominee would get a scholarship.

Beginning in 2011, the  top scholarship that one boy and one girl receive were “named” to honor Mildred Barnes and Harold Strawbridge, two people that have made significant contributions to the establishment of the Durham Sports Club Scholarship Foundation. 2022’s winner of the “Mildred Barnes Scholar-Athlete Award” for girls was Mirella Kades of Durham Academy, and the winner of the “Harold Strawbridge Scholar-Athlete Award” for boys was Kristian Eanes from Hillside High School.

The next scholarships that one boy and one girl receive are the “Blunt-Bradshaw Sports Legends of Durham,” honoring Willie Bradshaw and Russell Blunt – indeed, two legendary contributors to Durham’s sports history.  The winner for the boys was Jake Badalamenti of Riverside High School, and for the girls the winner was Precious Ogboko from the Durham School of the Arts.

Beginning this year, the “Tommy Hunt Scholarship” came into being, honoring a citizen of Durham who has made a significant impact on our community, our Durham Sports Club, and on sports.  This scholarship was awarded to all of the honorees who didn’t receive one of previously mentioned scholarships.

The honorees for 2022 are:

Durham Academy – Mirella Kades & Alex Dunk

Hillside High School – Ciarra Sims & Kristian Eanes.

Voyager Academy – Amelia Leonard & Hunter Ruedi





Jordan High School – Zoe Bright & Benton Jones (not pictured)

Northern High School – Chris Kujawa & Abbey McKee (not pictured)

Riverside High School – Jennifer Gomez-Hernandez & Jake Badalamenti





Durham School of the Arts – Precious Ogboko & Jaidan Turner-Lowry




























































(Special thanks to Preston Mayo of Strawbridge Studios for the photography)


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